The Colours of Rome

The Colours of Rome

A Colouring Guidebook of the Eternal City

In 2016, Maurizio set himself the biggest challenge of his illustration career. He created and published, The Colours of Rome, a colouring book for adults celebrating the wealth of art from his home city.

The art and architecture of Rome is so abundant that it borders on opulence, ranging from austere early Christian and Byzantine churches to the decorative richness of the Roman imperial age; from the splendour of Renaissance art, to Caravaggio’s dramatic paintings.

These diverse elements are brought together in Maurizio’s imaginative line-drawings with every page depicting the breadth of Rome’s artistic heritage in a riot of saints, deities, nymphs, emperors and even turtles.

Maurizio’s ambitions went beyond the traditional colouring book. Born of nostalgia for Rome’s wonders and a desire to share his vision and his knowledge of the city, the book also serves as a guide for the art-loving tourist. Using his skills as an illustrator, he guides fellow artists and colourers to view Rome’s monuments, paintings and museums from a fresh perspective.

Further enriching each image, Italian descriptions with their English translations explain the fascinating stories behind world famous archaeological treasures like the Colosseum, or masterpieces by Michelangelo and Bernini. If you need ideas of what to see in Rome, or want to experience some of its magic, then The Colours of Rome is an exceptional source of inspiration.


Author: Maurizio De Angelis

Paperback, 128 pages

Size: 28 X 21.6 X 1.1 cm

Languages: English & Italian


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